Debbie and Mike Gardner are internationally known for their courage-based teaching and coaching. Using love as their foundation, they teach “nice” people effective mental, physical and verbal techniques to defend themselves.


Survive Institute


Courage Seminar
Public Event

What We Did
  • Venue Sourcing
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Event Coordination 

How I Helped

After securing the venue and audiovisual, it was time to promote and market this powerful event. But we had to do this without a budget. Electronic flyers were created, an email campaign went out and posts were made to social media. We even managed to land a radio appearance the day before the seminar.

100+ people attended the event. A local television station showed up to cover the event. With zero budget, an all-volunteer crew and a super short timeline, we called this one a success.

“Beth sees clearly what needs to be done … then delivers with whirlwind speed and accuracy. She is Smart! Fun! Clever! Punctual! Thorough! Dependable! A true Life-Saver and Team Player! I was blessed the day Beth Rees brought her professional skills into my life. Beth is worthy of your absolute Trust!”

Debbie GardnerProfessional Speaker, Author, Founder SURVIVE INSTITUTE