Your Account Executive is ecstatic! She just received an RFP request from a prospect she’s been courting FOREVER. You know it’s a perfect fit and the account team will do an exceptional job.



But… There’s always a BUT, right?

You have ZERO time to pull together a response they’ll drool over, your to-do list is already 10 miles long and you don’t have all the resources you need.


Sound familiar?

Creating a winning response isn’t easy. They’re time consuming, tedious, a ton of work and a distraction. I know. I’ve been exactly where you are. A LOT.

You’re crazy busy and concerned your team has too much to do. This RFP might shift their focus away from existing clients and maybe they’ll even burnout.

What if you have someone in your back pocket with RFP response experience AND exhibit industry experience?

I’ll help you INCREASE your chances of getting that client and REDUCE the burden on your team.


So you can…

Focus on what you do best!


If you’re tired of submitting responses late, losing bids, leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table and want to get in the race and WIN, let’s team up!


How We Can Work Together on Your RFP

Home Stretch PkgYou’re heading down the final straightaway and you see the finish line just ahead. The team has done a great job on the response and you feel good about it. But you need help with that last mile.

Be certain you’re putting your best foot forward and make sure you can answer YES to three questions.


Is your response TOTALLY buttoned-up?

Are ALL of the i’s dotted and t’s crossed?

You’re SURE you didn’t miss anything that might get you disqualified?


You’re so close to the response that the little flaws become invisible. Don’t burden your account team with the job of catching mistakes.

You need an extra set of eyes. A fresh take. An unbiased perspective from an industry pro with MILES of experience, to make sure you’ll reach your goal.


I’ll help you cross the finish line looking and sounding your best.


Here’s how!
  • Thorough review of the RFP and the response
  • Verify the response is aligned with the RFP objectives
  • Double checks – making sure nothing is missing
  • Ensure the writing adheres to the conventions of grammar, the wording is proper and punctuation is appropriate
  • Recommend changes
  • Typos and grammatical errors – I’ll find them and eliminate distracting mistakes

Almost there? Tell me what you've got and I'll help you finish strong!

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Relay Team PkgYour team is ALMOST set and each sprinter is ready for their leg of the race.

The designers are creating something fabulous. They pass the baton to the estimators who crunch the numbers. And the account team is making sure everyone is on their mark.


Is your team complete?

Get a leg up on the competition with an EXPERIENCED anchor!


Relieve the team with someone who knows the course and can power through the last leg. I’ll help you make up ground and pull ahead. I know what to do to get you the best RESULTS.

The Home Stretch is included plus….



Copy editing and content editing are DIFFERENT. Here’s what I do when I edit for content.

  • Make sure the content is in the right sequence
  • Rework sentences and paragraphs to quickly and clearly communicate your message
  • Check for that pesky passive voice and fix it
But wait! There’s more…


I’ll create the response from scratch for these sections, including two revisions per section.

  • Cover Letter or Executive Summary
  • Company Bio and Story
  • Overview of Service Offerings
  • Closing Statement

Need an anchor for your team? Let's talk about how I get into the race!

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Start to Finish PkgFrom the starting line to the finish line, here’s where I go the distance with you. Side by side. Every step of the way.

I’ve been running this race for a decade. Knowing the course makes a BIG difference. Without careful planning and preparation, you’ll hit the wall and not finish strong.


So lose your Achilles heel!


A seasoned partner is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your circle. They know the score. Rely on your partner to keep you on pace and help you climb out of a rut. And you’ll stride right through those final miles!


Our START TO FINISH partnership requires a ton of dedication and a significant commitment of time. Because of the level of investment I make in helping my clients finish at the top, only a few of these packages are available.


So what do you get? Everything in the RELAY TEAM package and…



I’ll rewrite each of these sections until they’re spot-on.

  • Cover Letter or Executive Summary
  • Company Bio and Story
  • Overview of Service Offerings
  • Closing Statement

I’ll research the client and look for clues and nuggets to help us determine how to make a connection through writing.

  • Meet with the team (in person, or virtual) throughout the process
  • Participate in and prepare questions for Q&A and discover sessions with client
  • Develop and manage the timeline
  • Manage the deliverables and deadlines
  • Set-up and manage a portal for sharing documents
  • Keep the team on task and on pace
  • Communicate updates and project status
  • Coordinate with designers on the look and feel of the response package


Ready for a partner? I'll lace up my shoes!

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If you’re thinking about adding me to your Rolodex of resources – THANKS! Does anyone still have a Rolodex? Anyway…

Share with me a smidge of details like the due date, where you are in the process, is it a small RFP, or a BIG RFP. That sort of stuff. Nothing top secret. That’ll come later.

You’ll get a nice email from me with a short questionnaire. I know you’re crazy busy and I promise it’ll be brief. I need a little more information so I can create a proposal.

When I receive your signed proposal, it’s off to the races!

Packages start at $1,500.00.


Serving clients in the same industry is a specialty. Not a conflict. RFP docs are pretty standard and for the most part, they include the same questions. What services do you offer? What’s your price? Where are you located?

And most offer the same core services. Design, fabrication, storage, etc. So the guts of a response are kind of standard too.

What isn’t standard is HOW you craft your response. The amount of time you dedicate to the details. The careful selection of the right words to make a connection with your readers.


Your story and your team are NOT standard. They’re different.


A successful relationship is built on transparency, trust and mutual respect.

My ethics guide me in everything I do professionally and personally. You can ask anyone I’ve ever worked for and with. Seriously. Ask. I’ll put you in touch with them. I take what I do to heart and I don’t take it lightly.


It’s Exclusive

I only work with a handful of clients. I don’t work with everyone and anyone.

One at a Time

I NEVER work with two clients responding to the same RFP. EVER. PERIOD. I’m committed to only one and politely decline any others.

Mums the Word

I NEVER disclose whom I work with, or the entity on the other end of the RFP. EVER. PERIOD. Publicly or privately. Not even for shameless self-promotion.

Top Secret

Our secret recipes are important to us both. We’ll exchange Nondisclosure Agreements BEFORE anything classified is shared. Don’t have a NDA? Get one. Or I’ll share my template with you.

An Original

There will be industry jargon. But any content I create telling your story, talking about your team is ORIGINAL. I don’t have templates, or a boilerplate. I work from scratch. Every time.

Yours to Keep

Anything I create for your response is YOURS. Use the executive summary, company history and bios for the next RFP, your website, or collateral.


Ready? On your mark. Get set. GO!