Have you said this lately…

I’m swamped! I’m SOOO busy! I don’t have time for that!


I’m busier than a cobra at a mongoose convention!

You make lots of lists. You work LONG HOURS. But you’re not getting anywhere. And time is an increasingly scarce commodity. So how do you do it all? You and everyone on your team multitask your way through! Right? Wrong!


Multitasking…the myth!

We BELIEVE we’re more productive and efficient when we work on several projects simultaneously. Sometimes we even boast about how many shows we have going at the same time. The number of clients we juggle. And we do all of this while bouncing from city to city.


But truth is, it’s been proven that the brain CANNOT effectively, or efficiently switch between tasks. It takes four times longer to recognize new things. Switching between many different tasks can even make you WORSE at all of them. Multitasking reduces productivity by as much as 40% and increases mistakes.


Productivity Down! Mistakes Up!

It’s not good for your business, your team, or your clients.


What do you think it COSTS when you shift your team’s focus away from your clients and your core business, to do things like create blog posts, or case studies? And what about your capabilities deck? Do they work on these too?

How about Requests for a Proposal? Getting a Request for a Proposal can be exciting. Maybe it’s that big logo you’ve been dreaming of adding to your portfolio of clients. Maybe this is THE account that will make a huge difference in your growth and your bottom line. But RFPs can be a time-sucking, frustrating experience.


So what are your options?

You can stop responding to RFPs, take down your blog and use the same case studies and decks from three years ago.

You can hope multitasking will somehow work enough that your team won’t burnout and any mistakes are only minor.

You can increase your headcount.


Or…you can hire me ONLY WHEN you need me!

If you’re a small to midsize exhibit producer who is short on time, short on resources and knows the true impact on your business when you overtask your staff, you’re in luck!


I help crazy busy tradeshow pros BOOST their bottom line and REDUCE the burden on their team.

I’ve worn many different industry hats over the last couple of decades. From account manager to project manager. Account executive to client services and everything in-between.


40,000+ hours in the business. 1,000+ tradeshows. Countless RFPs and presentations later, YOU get the BENEFIT of my experience!


Now I use that hard-won knowledge to work with clients one-on-one. Plus there’s something cathartic about sharing your pain with other people who get it. I’ve walked a ton of miles in your shoes. I understand.

Here’s how I help you stop jumping from project to project, constantly switching gears. And you can focus on being brilliant!


Done For You
DFR (Done FOR You) Services

Put your DIY days behind you! I’ll handle the blog posts, case studies and capabilities deck FOR YOU.

RFP Rescue
RFP Rescue

I’ll help you INCREASE your chances of landing that new client and REDUCE the burden on you team!

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