Done for You
The Sh*t You Don’t Have Time For

You’re WAY BUSY getting it done.
You’re making clients happy. Traveling from show to show. Wooing prospects.

It’s a skillful juggling act to keep all this going. You can’t even think about things you should do like updating your blog, refreshing your capabilities deck, or adding a case study to your portfolio.

You’re so consumed by all you HAVE to do, that the SHOULD do’s fall further and further down the list. You tell yourself, “I’ll have time for that later” and “I can get by without a blog, or case studies”.


Are you okay with just getting by?

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours, or people to go around. That’s reality.
And this stuff isn’t priority one. BUT here’s the kicker. You really do NEED these things to increase brand awareness, to connect with your audience and get more business.

What if you had someone to do this FOR you? An industry insider at your fingertips ready to jump in? I’ll take this off of your SHOULD do list and you keep doing what you do best!


Are you READY to do more than just get by?

Here’s how I get this sh*t done so you don’t have to. And you can go be brilliant!

Blog Bin PkgWhen was the last time you wrote a blog post? Haven’t started blogging? You know you NEED to drive more traffic to your website and position yourself as a thought leader. You know you NEED to get found by Google. Blogging is a great way to BOOST SEO.

Your social media post dies sooner than a Mayfly. Tweets last between 18 minutes to 48 hours and Facebook posts are dead in 3 hours! Blog posts live on your website as long as you want, driving long-term search engine RESULTS.


And if that’s not enough to convince you…small businesses that blog generate 126% MORE LEADS than those who don’t!


What You Get
Two (2) ORIGINAL, quality long-form blog posts per month for your website.

We’ll start with a discovery session and talk about your brand voice, your audience your goals and set delivery dates. I’ll send you topic ideas each month, or use a topic you want covered.


  • Original Content
  • 700+ Words
  • Research & Fact Checking
  • Title
  • One (1) High-Res Image
  • Draft for Review & One (1) Revision
  • Proof Read by 2nd Person
  • Content Crafted to Boost SEO

You’ll receive a Word doc for the website guru to post to your blog page.
Prefer an upload to your FTP site? I can do that!

Your monthly investment is $400.00 per month, with a three (3) month commitment.


REMEMBER….small businesses that blog generate 126% more leads!

Ready to get your content calendar going? Send me a note with your deets to get on my schedule and I’ll get going!

I need this!

Case in Point PkgWhy do you need case studies?

  • They’re one of the best ways to prove your worth
  • They go far beyond simple testimonials to real life examples
  • It shows success in a way that will help your potential client BECOME your client

When preparing a presentation for a potential client, do you throw in the case studies at the last minute? How much time do you spend crafting your case studies?


Before you can expect them to open their wallets, you have to demonstrate your ability to deliver.


Equip your sales team with the tools they need to prove you’re the right choice!

What You Get
Content for one (1) case study.


Your talented creatives make it a piece of art and I add the verse.


We’ll conference via phone or Skype, discuss scope, deliverables and due dates. Then you’ll get from me a list with interview questions to ask your client and a kick-off email to send.

You’ve got to directly involve your client to create a compelling case study.
If you don’t, then it’s your perception and not their reality. That WILL show in the study. And it could get you into really hot water if you don’t have their blessing.


  • Executive Summary
  • About the Client
  • The Challenges
  • The Solution
  • The Results
  • Draft for Review with Two (2) Revisions

Final content provided in a Word document. If you want me to add it to your document, I’ll do that too!

Your investment is $600.00 per case study.

Ready to show your worth? Send me a note with your deets to get on my schedule and I'll get going!

I need this!

Decked Out PkgWouldn’t it be GREAT if you could hand over a capabilities deck to your sales team and have them use the same presentation every time? It would make life easier and your team would all be singing from the same sheet of music!




Each opportunity will be DIFFERENT. Each client, their needs and how you will present will be different. If it isn’t, it SHOULD BE. And if you want to prove to your prospect you are worthy of their business…IT BETTER BE!

Take a look at your current deck. When was the last time it was updated? Is it all about YOU and not THEM? If it is, CHANGE it. Your presentation should be a conversation between you and your audience. I’ll help you move from a monologue to a dialog!

PLUS your sleek new presentation deck doesn’t have to sit around waiting for an opportunity to be seen. Use it to INCREASE your brand awareness and SEO. How? Post it to SlideShare!

SlideShare is among the 120 most-visited websites in the world with over 60 million unique visitors a month. Not on SlideShare? Upload your presentations and show them to the world!

It’s an authority website and ranks much better on Google than most of the sites online. INCREASE social media shares. RANK better with Google. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. Most of your competitors aren’t consistently publishing to Slide Share and some have no presence at all!

Pricing is firm quoted.


Send me a note and tell me about your specific needs, the scope of work and any deadlines. We’ll set-up a time to talk via phone, or Skype. And I’ll send you a detailed proposal for your John Hancock!

Want to get decked out? Send me a note and we'll get going!

I need this!
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