Day-to-day, we tend to operate in silos.  But decision-making, brand building and getting in front of your audience with a compelling message: these things still happen most effectively face-to-face.

Now more than ever, tradeshows, events and meetings are important platforms and opportunities to connect.

Marketers are stretched further than ever before with a deluge of functions and an abundance of projects, all competing for the same limited resources.

Today the busy periods overlap each other, creating a frenzied pace over longer durations.  Multitasking has mutated from a skill employed during hectic times to an all-day, everyday, 24/7 constant.

The reality is marketers have to do more with less, but the expectations continue to rise.

That’s where I come in.

How I Help

You name it.  I’ve probably done it.  I grew up in this industry and can speak everyone’s language.  

From concept sketch to load in, I coordinate all of the moving parts and pieces, helping your team bring to life the creative and dynamic environments that impact your bottom line.

Short on time?  Expertise?  

I’ve got the experience and resources to make your life easier!

Benefits of Working with Me

You’ll save time and money.

But what’s important is you have a work environment that prevents burnout, increases productivity, and employee engagement, resulting in one amazing team.  

All without adding to your headcount.

Beth does a great job of working with all aspects of trade show program development and maintains tight control of all phases from initial development all the way to show opening and post show follow up.

I would not hesitate to deploy Beth into any trade show related project!

Tom Bacha

President, MEC

Beth came into the project at the last minute and within a few short hours, gave me the confidence that everything would be taken care of.

The trade show installation had a few hiccups that Beth handled not only quickly, but professionally.  

She impressed my colleagues and trade show staff.  In a word?  FANTASTIC.  Thanks Beth!

Jennifer Panepinto

Marketing Director, Bonfiglioli

Beth has proven that she knows how to create, plan and support a compelling event experience that drives results.

Her knowledge of finance planning and budget management provides a strong compliment to her long list of project management and client service skills.

Mylissa Stearns

Director of Operations, GES